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There are many different kinds of citoexperiments. Citoexperiments are rational experiments that try to determine the consciousness and ixperiencitness of cidentireplicas.

Original cidentireplica interchange experiments

In this experiment we will consider an original and its cidentireplica interchanging matter over time.

To begin with we have the original and its cidentireplica. There are five identities that we wish to keep track of over time. They are personal identity, body identity, soul identity, consciousness identity, and ixperiencit identity. By the definition of cidentireplica the structure and functioning of the original and cidentireplica will continue to be identical the whole time. Usually the argument stops at this point and people say there is no way that two persons can function identically. This is usually for two reasons you can never get them to have the same structure and if you could the environment would be different for each so their functioning and then structure would diverge very rapidly. Then there are the random effects that are predicted by Quantum Mechanics[[1]].

This is another argument entirely about if we should consider experiments that we cannot presently do or concepts that we cannot completely imagine. In mathematics there are many different ideas that are so abstract that people have frequently said that we should not consider them but later they turn to be very useful. Then these ideas are applied to real world problems and science. Some of these concepts are infinitely long parallel lines, cardinality of infinities, and multiple universes. More importantly just because an experiment can never be done does not means that there is not a truth value or answer to the questions the experiment hopes to answer. Over time there is usually an indirect way around the experiment to finally answer the questions it hoped to answer.

Getting back to the experiment we will simplify this experiment at this point by saying souls do not exist. There are other experiments that will consider experiments with souls. Can we simply the concept of a person to that of his body or visa versa his body to the person. There is a great deal of confusion because people do not agree on what a person is. Is it the body? Is it the consciousness or some combination of the two?

We interchange some of the matter of the original with that of the cidentireplica maintaining the same S&F, do we have the same person in the original? Does he have the same consciousness, or ixperiencitness? If all the four stay the same i.e., same person, same body, same consciousness, same ixperiencitness then we exchange more matter between the two. We can continue the process until we have exchanged all the matter. Is the original still the original since he is made from all the matter from the cidentireplica. And visa versa is the cidentireplica now the original because he is now made of all the matter original. And if you believe in a soul what happened to it? did it switch and if so when. Some might say they are both dead but they are still behaving like they are alive. Some philosophers have proposed the 50 percent rule. The fifty percent rule say which ever body contains more than fifty percent of the original's matter will be the original. This leads to some strange ideas and consequences, if you said that to begin with the original and the cidentireplica did not have the same consciousness or ixperiencitness. if we apply the fifty percent rule, one atom or subatomic particle switched at the fifty percent point will drastically change who the person is. If you now take a different atom and switch it back again from some where else in the body, you have a different person back again. Anyone that is actually accepting this hypothesis will have to explain how the switching of one subatomic particle can do this. The best they can really come up with is that this has to happen so that multiplicity will not be true. You cannot start saying that multiplicity is wrong and then use it to prove that itomultiplicity is wrong. This is an irrational circular argument. Some thinkers use the definition argument: it is true by definition of the material body that it has to have a unique consciousness and ixperiencitness.

Some thinkers have come up with an assimilation argument. in this hypothesis matter in somehow assimilated into the body and this takes time. The matter that is already there in the body does something to the new incoming matter so that it can be part of whole unique conscious being. Real actual material assimilation is for the purpose of maintaining approximate structure and functioning of the consciousness producing biological system. The new matter that is coming into the body in terms of liquids, food, and air are being integrated into the cells so that the structure and functioning is maintained. It does take time for this process however, in our experiment the matter is assimilated correctly by definition of a cidentireplica maintaining the same structure and functioning of its body. The correct assimilation can be done instantaneously by simply maintaining the same structure and functioning. The new incoming matter does not have to be in previous contact with the old matter to make it part of the system producing the same consciousness or ixperiencitness. Proponents of this type of assimilation must prove that it exists over and above normal material assimilation that hypothetically can be done instantaneously.

For singularity to be maintained as a result of these types of experiments there has to be some supernatural processes going own because it is certainly not a documented scientific process.

Itomultiplicity has no problem explaining and predicting what is happening in these experimental situations and why. It is also the simplest explanation as well. When we use identity of structure and functioning to determine consciousness and ixperiencitness (which is a totally scientific concept), no matter how you interchange the matter or how quickly the cidentireplica always has the same consciousness as the original does. There are no know scientific reasons for them not to have identical consciousness and ixperiencitness.

Pseudo assimilation of matter real assimilation of matter argument

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