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The term caresphere is a word that deals with the concept of what you or any awarepath is concerned about when it comes to future consciousnesses or awarepaths that it will experience or think it will experience. For instance, do you care or will you ever care if itomultiplicity is true or not. And if you do how will this effect your behavior. There are many awarepaths that will never be concerned about currently existing versions of themselves or versions of themselves in the future because they are not aware of the concept of itomultiplicity or do not believe what they understand about it.

A linear grouping of carespheres that correspond to an awarepath is a carespherepath. For every awarepaths there is a carespherepath. The caresphere can a null value, which means that the consciousness produced at the present does not have any concern about any aspect of consciousness beyond the current moment. Consequently, the carespherepath can have sections that have essentially a null value. There are two aspects of the null value. The first is that you have a caresphere but you are not thinking in any way consciously about. And the second is that even when there is something to stimulate the caresphere there is no concern about any of your futures at all.

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File:Caresphere 1.png

Caresphere 1.png