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What we sense is just one of many different perspectives on reality
Conscious experience is full of beauty!
The ideas presented in this web site have the potential ability to tie together all conscious beings, especially humans, in many positive ways which were unimaginable before! These types of ideas very likely already have, do, and will tie together conscious beings in many positive ways at other places in the universe or multiverse!
The science of superimmortality is a direct development from the ideas presented in the awaretheory wikipedia website. One reason these ideas can be called superimmortality is that they are connected to supermortality (usually religious theories of immortality) which is more than simple mortality or dying once, never to consciously exist again. Superimmortality is a scientific theory being developed into a science more complex than physics, chemistry, and biology, combined. This is because awaretheory is a scientific theory dealing with all the different types of consciousnesses that can exist and knowledge about all of the sciences is contained within all the different consciousnesses. There are no supernatural concepts involved in superimmortality. But it allows supernatural concepts to be created within some consciousnesses.
If you want a very short summary of this science without the mathematics and technical terms used see Awaretheory simplified. If you want a short awaretheory based response to an article showing solutions and the problems of materialistic avenues to life after death see: Response to the Quote from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy the article "after life".
You have not really begun to comprehend these ideas unless you have had at least one Eureka moment when studying and understanding these ideas. There should be a number of Eureka moments that you should experience as you understand more and more about these ideas, which really is just scientifically understanding ourselves and our universe.
There are many revolutionarily positive ideas in this web site! The developing, proving, and interrelating of these ideas is an ongoing process and like any science will likely never be completely finished.
The creators and authors of these ideas believe that because of the importance of these ideas that they should be as easily and quickly accessible as possible to every one at no cost to anyone.

Structural Functional Materialism is what Awaretheory is based on, which is different from simple materialism or functionalism. But many of the ideas presented in the Awaretheory wiki web site are scientifically useful independently of whether Structural Functional Materialism is scientifically true or not. See The Arguments For Structural Functional Materialism Over Simple Materialism

Besides creating a greater understanding of what we are as conscious beings, awaretheory also is a scientific/materialistic theory of life after death and immortality that does not need or have in it any supernatural entities like souls, gods, spirits, etc. A very simple summation of awaretheory is The "I" is more than the "eye" can see!

How are the ideas in awaretheory different from resurrection? Superimmortality is not a resurrection type theory because no one god or gods or supernatural processes are involved in creating a person’s conscious existence after each death. Resurrection is usually considered a one time event. Superimmortality is not limited to one death.

One of the consequences of awaretheory's ideas in the increase in the understanding of the potential you. There is nothing supernatural or mystical about the concept of the potential you it is completely based on rational scientific principles that have been and continuously are being tested in different ways. The actual you is what you are experiencing at this very moment. The potential you is everything that you can experience. Most people that do not believe in life after death, believe that the potential you is or would be what you will experience before death. Many religious people and others, that believe in immortality, would define the potential you as a singular infinitely long awarepath. Awaretheory defines the potential you as everything you could ever experience under all circumstances. So it includes everything that you have every experienced and everything that you could possibility ever experience. Awaretheory greatly increases the amount of experiences or awarepaths that are part of the potential you. But it also allows for not just one awarepath with a particular ixperiencitness at one time but any number of awarepaths. If we include changing the sequence patterns of experiences that you can experience (that will have your ixperiencitness) awaretheory predicts that the potential you is actually an infinite amount of awarepaths that can be infinitely long. This should be called more than just immortality but maybe potential multiple immortality or superimmortality?

Awaretheory answers the question: What is it like to be dead? in unique and scientific ways.

Superimmortality and the insignificance of man

Simple Outline of Concepts

Understanding is complex!
To others we are a body to ourselves we are a consciousness!

For a very simple statement for a summation of a group of very complex sciences:
By way of the development and use of scientific knowledge, we as conscious beings, will be able to manipulate matter to produce nearly any possible finite consciousness and ixperiencitness including any of the many conscious versions of each one of us that we want to exist in desired places and times in the future. Consequently, through our conscious efforts, we can control our personal and collective futures, to reduce unneeded suffering and pain, to increase understanding within consciousnesses, to allow for all sorts of different types and versions of consciousness and ixperiencitnesses to exist through out space and time.
The redefining of what we are as conscious beings. We are much more than what we experience at this moment in time.

Types of life after death

Types of after life

Critic of "Six Basic Theories of the Afterlife"

The complexity of the scientific study of immortality

Undesirability of immortality

Types of Theories of Conscious existence

Science solves problems!
Creativity needs an open but skeptical mind

There are four types of theories of conscious existence they are nonexistent, singularity, multiplicity, and universality.

Nonexistent theory of consciousness is best represented by Buddhism. A possible nonexistent theorist is the philosopher Derek Parfit.[1]

Singularity, is what most people believe in, in one form or another.

Multiplicity of conscious existence is what a lot of this web site is about. It appears to be the most logical, coherent, and scientifically based theory of conscious existence.

Universality, very simply put, is that every conscious activity that is ever created, you experience. The philosopher Arnold Zuboff [2] [3] is a possible promoter and or creator of this viewpoint.

Each type of theory can be based on a number of different founding principles or beliefs. The Nonexistent theories of conscious existence are based on the correct idea that there is not just a singular thing in terms of consciousness that we call ourselves. This is because our consciousness and body are always changing. So there is nothing we can actually call a specific "you" or "I". Singularity is based on the conscious experience, that most people have, most of the time, that we are separate in body and mind from all other conscious beings.

The spectrum of conscious existence theories can be grouped in terms of awareconcepts

There can be many types of non scientific theories of conscious multiplicity. However, Multiplicity of conscious existence, in this article, is based on the scientific ideas that consciousness is produced by the functioning of the body. Duplicate the structure and functioning of the body and you duplicate the the consciousness. Since consciousness is the only necessary part of what you are, you have duplicated your conscious self. You will experience these "other selves" just like you experience the original you. An approximation to the exact structure and functioning will produce an approximation to the consciousness that is produced. If the approximation is close enough to that of the original's you will experience the consciousness produced.

Scientific Foundation: Scientific Principles and Axioms

Our ever increasing knowledge gives conscious beings the power to lead better and happier lives
From knowledge comes wisdom
Science and mathematics are the best source of knowledge because they are based on experimentation, coherence with science and mathematics as a whole and rational and logical thought processes. Although science is sometimes slow to change (do to people being slow to change) it can change and does change in positive and progressive ways. Over time science gets better and better at predicting present and future events, how to accomplish and make things, and how to make ideas in science and mathematics more understandable and consequently more produceable.

Neurons come in many shapes and sizes
The complex processing that a neuron produces can be replaced with other types of matter based devices, like electronic or photonic devices
The first assumption of awaretheory is that the functioning of the body, specifically the brain[4] produces consciousness. There is overwhelming scientific evidence [5] for this assumption.

The second assumption is that experiencing consciousness is the necessary aspect of survival, life after death, and immortality for someone. I may have a soul [6] and or a body but if I never experience anything ever again that is the permeant extinction of me. Consequently, being conscious is the most important and only necessary aspect of being alive. You experiencing consciousness is the necessary condition for your personal existence. It is the necessary condition for you to have continuance of life, life after death, or immortality.
The synapse helps in the processing of information
The neuron is not as important as what it does. It is a processor of information.
The third assumption is that if you physically duplicate something closely enough to that of the original you get the same physical properties that the original has. The reality of this assumption is what experimentation and technology is based on. For instance, if you duplicated the process of making a car and got a pile of corn at the end you would assume that you made mistakes in the making of the car not that the car is not duplicatable.

To get a body to behave the same over time you need to get the body to have the same or approximately the same structure and then have it function the same way or very closely in the same way. To get a body to behave in a certain way it needs to function in the right ways. If the original had a specific structure and functioned in a specific way over time and produced a specific consciousness over this period of time, then duplicating this structure and functioning should produce the same consciousness. Based on this concept the fourth assumption is that identical structure and functioning will produce identical behavior and consciousness.
The fifth assumption is that there is something that can be called ixperiencitness that we can understand rationally and intuitively, as a result use it as test for life after death and immortality. If you experience being conscious it is a case of conscious survival for you. For you to consciously exist in the future you have to experience being conscious at least some of the time in the future

How complex neural nets or the equivalent works is not fully understood
Neural networks can process information
We can extrapolate information from the structure and functioning of matter about consciousness and ixperiencitness. We can map from the structure and functioning of matter to the consciousness and ixperiencitness that it is producing.

Founding axioms is a list of the fundamental starting ideas for the Identireplica Theory of Consciousness. Although they can be called axioms with out proof, they are based on scientific evidence.

Ontology of consciousness



Experimental Proofs for Awaretheory

Coherent rational theory supported by experimentation is the basis for scientific knowledge. Awaretheory creates a paradigm shift in thinking about conscious existence and forms the basic ideas for a very important new and complex science.
The first types of experiments that awaretheory is based on are experiments the either prove or disprove if consciousness is produced by the functioning of matter and energy. There are many experiments that show that if you change the structure and functioning of the brain enough you change what consciousness that the person experiences. There appears that there are many ways that the brain can be structured and then many more different ways that it can be made to function by way of the different senses stimulating the brain in different ways. There is not only the senses that can change the way the brain functions but many other external stimulus such as chemicals like LSD, hormones, etc. When the brain's structure and functioning is degraded enough there is no longer any consciousness produced by that brain.

We do not see consciousness or ixperiencitness when we look at the brain.

Reconstruction arguments are rational experiments that show the problems that many theories of personal identity have when dealing with survival of the self through time, life after death and immortality.

We are not the brain we are the structure and functioning of the brain.
The brain is a neural network which functioning can be approximated by other types of electronic or photonic networks.

Same person experiments

Time travel experiments

Many lives versus one long life experiments

Split matter experiments

Length of death experiments

Speed of matter assimilation experiments




Itofazexperiments and Awaretheory

How the subjective view of self interferes with the objective view of what we are?



Arguments and Proofs for the Theory of Conscious Multiplicity

New and different ideas can be hard to understand and accept even when they are true and better than the ideas that they replace.
When the brain functioning in the right ways it produces consciousness and ixperiencitness
It doesn't look conscious to me!
Learning about new ideas can be horrific!
The shock of understanding new ideas eventually wares off, or you die!
There are many different Types of supporting evidence for scientific theories. For example proofs by way of rational experiments, simplicity proofs, coherence proofs,
As a general rule we do not see the consciousness in another person, we only see their body. However, We would not see their bodies if we were not conscious ourselves.
Identical structure and functioning in a body produces identical consciousness. There are many supporting arguments for this statement. One of the best arguments is based on the fact that identical structure and functioning of a body, by definition will produce identical behavior. Consequently, if you ask the cidentireplica about his consciousness he will respond and behave in exactly the same way as the original. If the original says that he is in pain the cidentireplica will say that he is in pain as well at the exact same time in the same way with the same gestures etc. Every cidentireplica will tell you that they are having the exact same conscious experiences that the original says that he is having. If the cidentireplica is made in the future or the past in relation to the time period that the original exists in, he will still behave in exactly the same way as the original did at that point in the original's life. This argument is called the cidentireplica behavior proof.
If you make very small changes to the cidentireplica's structure and functioning, called a videntireplica, in relation to that of the original's structure and functioning, you can get a close approximation of the originals behavior, yet not identical. In this way you can get a better perspective of the true consciousness produced by the cidentireplica. Since there are an extremely large amount of very small changes in structure and functioning that can be created in different videntireplicas we can get a very accurate understanding of the consciousness produced in the cidentireplica and original. This scientific argument is called the multiple videntireplica experimental proof.
Any grouping of matter that produces the correct structure and functioning in a body will produce the same consciousness. So essentially any correct grouping of matter can produce your consciousness, and any grouping of matter can be part of producing any conscious. So if we rearrange the matter that is in your body to have the structure and functioning of some one else's body it will then produce their consciousness and not yours. And visa versa if we take the matter from someone else's body and create the structure and functioning that is currently going on in your body, we also create the consciousness that is being produced by your body. By changing the matter used at a particular time, we are changing the physical space that your consciousness is being produced in. Consequently, any where that your current structure and functioning could be produced your current consciousness would be produced as well.
There is the important issue of conscious ownership. Under what conditions will you experience the exact same consciousness? The simplest answer is that you always experience the identical consciousness no matter how, where, when, or why, it is produced. If this is true then the concept of conscious multiplicity is true. However, most people have a deep held belief that momental linear singularity of consciousness is true instead.
The article "The Case Against Immortality" [7], states "Modern science demonstrates the dependence of consciousness on the brain, verifying that the mind must die with the body." The principles of science of psychexistology agrees with this statement along with almost every thing in the article. However, there are the questions still need to be asked and answered: 1. What was it before death of the body that existed, that now does not exist in the body, that produced the mind of this person? 2. Why is there the assumption that there is not a reversible process (at least theoretically) that can be applied to this case. With a materialistic/scientific belief system the solution must be materialistic in nature. In other words the solution deals with matter and energy, So what materialistic thing happened to the matter in the body so that it does not produce the consciousness of the original person any longer? The answer, simply put, is the brain is not functioning like it did before. Restore brain functioning and you restore consciousness. Restore brain structure and functioning exactly and you restore the exact same consciousness. If the restored structure and functioning is different enough you have restored someone else's consciousness. For this not to be the case there has to be some other factors that have been permanently destroyed in the process of dying that are not reversible. There is no proof of this in the article. Since science has not found scientific evidence of materialistic or non materialistic "other factors", the usual response is that the structure and functioning is too complex to duplicate. Or second, you have to have the correct knowledge to be able to do it, which is permanently lost with the death of the person. And third, is that if this is possible then multiplicity would be possible and that would be unthinkable. The simple response is: Nature or natural processes produced this consciousness in the first place. Consequently, it could approximate structure and functioning again in the future. And who knows what conscious beings can do in the future as well in producing and controlling the consciousnesses that are produced. In science many times unthinkable things become thinkable and are even found to be true and produceable.
Many philosophical arguments against life after death and immortality are based on the specific matter theory of the mind. Which means that your consciousness is specifically tied to a specific grouping of matter But there is no more proof that your consciousness is tied to a specific grouping of matter than there is for a movie being tied to a specific singular DVD and its player. In scientific terms a movie is nothing more than light and sound. But it is a specific pattern and sequence of light and sound over time. It is true that what ever effects the player or dvd will effect the movie that is being produced but the relationship is not uniquely one to one, because the same movie can be produced by many different DVD discs and DVD players. The same movie can even be played with many variations of the producing media, such as a motion picture projector and film, or VHS tape and player.

See also these pages:

If nature produced you once why can't it do it again?

If nature produced a consciousness that you experience one extended period of time why can't it do it again in the future?

If nature produced a consciousness that you experience one extended period of time, why can't it produce more than one at the same time?

There are dozens of supporting arguments for multiplicity. Here is a further list of the proofs with explanations for them. Arguments for itomultiplicity

Arguments for life after death and Arguments for immortality based on science, mathematics, and technology.

The ixperiencit test based on the ixperiencit concept determines if a particular consciousness is yours or not.

Ixperiencitness experiments and Ixperiencitness arguments

Anesthesia argument, Anesthesia extension argument

Flowchart for awaretheory's arguments

Identireplicas evidence and arguments for types of life after death and immortality

Awaretheory arguments superlist

Superimmortality and Supermortality

Superimmortality is a consequence of many of the ideas proposed by awaretheory in this web site. Superimmortality is based on science and needs no supernatural aspects like gods, souls, sprits, heaven, hell, mediums etc. It is different from any other theory of life after death. Your superimmortality is greatly influenced by your actions in this life and the potential for many others that you will experience if they are created or produced. Achieving superimmortality require sacrifice and determination. The rewards of superimmortality are far greater than any religious promises. There is no need to give up rational though for faith, like is required for religions, because superimmortality is based on science, logic, rational thought, and scientific experimentation. The more you know about superimmortality the better. There are no deliberately hidden ideas that only god knows the answers to. For superimmortality to be successfully achieved, it does not require the elimination of religious beliefs. if you believe in god, then god is the one that has created the universe's ability to create superimmortality. It is just that until now we did not know enough scientific knowledge to understand anything other than forms of simple immortality. If you do not believe in religions or gods there is no need in them for the developing of the sciences dealing with superimmortality. Superimmortality offers everything that simple immortality does plus many more and better things than simple immortality does not. For instance, it allows for forms of omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience, correspondingly called itofazomnipotence, itofazomnipresence, and itofazomniscience for individuals. It allows for reunions with dead loved ones, it allows for many ways of enhancement,

Superimmortality is an achievable goal if we have not already achieved that goal. The consciousness that you are experiencing now could ether be directly connected to reality or is being produced by an awarepaducer (a more sophisticated experience machine).

Supermortality is the consequence of possibly having many different bodies throughout space and time that produces a consciousness that you experience but that eventually die or become dysfunctional . The bodies are tied together by similarities in structure and functioning of matter not necessarily the same matter, continuousness or continuity of consciousness, or any supernatural concept like a soul.

Predictions and Applications of Conscious Multiplicity based on SFMC

Identical structure and functioning in a brain produces identical consciousness and ixperiencitness
Tesla's magnifying transmitter.
Psychexistology or awaretheory predict that there are an extremely large amount of potential consciousnesses, (awarepaths) that you will experience when they are produced by many different structures and functioning of matter (physapaths) in the form of many different types of itobodies. There are an ever larger group of physapaths that produce awarepaths with a percentage of the same ixperiencitness as you have now.
Any combination of matter that will produce the correct structure and functioning can be used. Any place and or time that you, nature, or some other conscious being, can get the matter to make the correct structure and functioning, in the universe or multiverse, you will experience conscious existence. This conscious existence is not limited to you at this point in your life. Creating the correct structure and functioning of any point in your life will produce your consciousness that you experienced at that point in your life, right now or at any time in the future. This also includes your future life as well. There are a very large amount of things that you will not have experienced in this life. They are also duplicatable with the right structure and functioning of a material body. This consciousness, you will experience exactly as if you actually would have had it, instead of the one you did have with your current body. Knowing these concepts, you can make choices in this life --- from this your current conscious perspective, that can make your present or future consciousness, that you will experience, better or worse. Not only does this apply to yourself, it applies to your friends and loved one as well.
There are many different structures and functioning that when they are produced will produce a consciousness that you experience. There can be any number (including zero) of these, created at the same time, consequently, multiplicity of self or multiplicity of your conscious existence. This is very different from most people's conception of themselves as a singular individual body. You can according to this theory experience having any material body, or even all at the same time. There are many potential versions of you that are aware of these ideas. There are many potential versions of you that believe that they are influencing the consciousness that other versions of you are having. If they are actually influencing the consciousness that you are experiencing to a large enough extent this makes them like a god in relation to you. A strange thought, you being your own god so to speak --- caring, controlling, punishing. If there can be potential versions, there could be actual versions of you as well.

Importance Of The Awaretheory Ideas

Knowledge about matter and energy can produce magical consciousnesses
Matter makes magical things!

A science is important in its own right. A new science is created when the ideas discussed in philosophical terms become substantially enough based in empirical evidence that there becomes a system of knowledge complex enough that no other science can be called on to include it within it structure and content. The concepts and ideas that psychexistology deals with are closer to a science of epistemology than to psychology. But neither deals with the questions that psychexistology does, except as minnor issues.
The science of psychexistology is not dependent on whether the concept of conscious multiplicity is true or not. Nor is it dependent on how important conscious multiplicity is.
However, if Multiplicity of conscious existence is true, almost any thing that you can imagine you can experience, now, in the future or after death. And you can theoretically be experiencing any or even all of these different versions of your consciousnesses now. This makes determining scientifically what principles of conscious multiplicity is true, I think, very important. Multiplicity gives you many forms of conscious existence after death and types of immortality. Multiplicity can have large effects of societies because for to have conscious control over which versions of you will be produced you need advanced science and technology. This means that you have personal reasons to support science not only to make your life better now but to make versions of your lives better in the future.
Since there can be versions of you or versions of loved ones on earth at the present time this gives you selfish as well as altruistic reasons to treat others better. You do not have to waste your money leaving a legacy to your dead body. This money can be spent on making the world a better place to live in. There are specific ways to work toward immortality such as taking care of the earth and making it as good and sustainable place to live. This is because you never know when there will be the correct structures and functionings of matter that creates versions of a consciousness that you experience.
It makes the world a much nicer place, consequently, giving people hope for a better conscious existence and purpose to life in creating these better lives. Many injustices can, at the very least, be partially corrected. Not only can you experience many positive versions of your self you can experience many enhanced versions of yourself with all sorts of enhanced abilities. And you can even experience enhanced consciousnesses.
It is possible, that one of the reasons, that evolution, and science in general, is being attacked so vigorously by religions is because it is perceived that science takes away people's beliefs in religion and consequently, their reasons to think that life after death is possible. The psychexistology gives us scientific reasons to believe that life after death is a natural phenomena based on scientific principles that can be consciously controlled. As a result, one of the consequences of this theory is that it can produce a much greater public support for science.
Multiplicity gives Naturalists [8], Materialists [9], Scientists, Atheists [10], Humanists,[11], Secular Humanists [[12]] and other skeptics [13], a theory of life after death and immortality that is completely scientific, logical, coherent, understandable, not based on the whims of some God or the concept of a soul or the like.
If conscious multiplicity is true, why is it important enough to have a science deal with it? First, you do not want ideas of this importance becoming a pseudoscience. You do not want a pseudoscience to be the foundation for a belief systems that controls governments and societies.
Is the concept of conscious multiplicity based on the concept of structure and functioning (S&F) true? If conscious multiplicity is true the next step is determining how it actually applies to the ixperiencit concept. In others words under what conditions will I, or any one be conscious? If only by default, Psychology [14] is based on the concept of conscious singularity as a result Psychology answers this question in a singular fashion; you will experience being conscious when "your body" functions in the right ways. Psychexistology answers the question as: you will experience being conscious when "any correctly structured matter" functions in the right ways. Psychology assumes it knows the correct answer to this question, Psychexistology does not.
Conscious multiplicity is not a simple concept that is necessarily either true or false. There are many different aspects of conscious multiplicity that can have truth values independent of each other. Psychexistology is based on a continuum structure which allows the concept of degrees of truth. (see fuzzy logic[15] or multi valued logic[16] ).
Since multiplicity of conscious existence can be based on non scientific beliefs and superstition, we will distinguish scientific multiplicity based on structure, functioning, and the continuum concepts by calling this version itomultiplicity.
Why should you personally care about these ideas? Because it is like planning for your present and future conscious existence, and experiences that, that existence contains. To plan for the future, you have to understand how what you do now effects what you will experience in the future.
There are many more types of immortality, if the multiplicity theory of consciousness is true, than with any other of the different Theories of immortality.[17]
The perceived versus actual affects of multiplicity on the conscious existence of humans can be very different.
There is a need in the world for a belief system based on science that can replace religion, superstition, nationalism and all other divisive beliefs and ideas, yet give or allow people the positive aspects of their previous beliefs and behaviors. The philosophical aspects and application of these ideas can do this. There is no other theory or belief system that can tie people together like these ideas can. Now that we can easily destroy ourselves with our weapons these ideas are more important than ever for mankind's continued existence.

The Choice is a scientific twist on Pascal's wager


Mathematics of Awaretheory

Symbols for concepts can be useful in understanding and using complex concepts like itofazspaces and itofazmapping
Good ideas come from unexpected places!
The mathematics of survival, life after death, and immortality is the starting point for the mathematics behind the science that the awaretheory web site is based on.

The continuum concept is important for understanding consciousness, ixperiencitness and how they are produced.

Symbolic definitions, Symbolic definitions part2, Symbolic definitions part3, Symbolic definitions part 4,
Introduction and Foundation Concepts for Itoequations
Simple citoequations, Simple citoequations 2, Simple citoequations 3,
Citoequations 1, Citoequations 2, Citoequations 3, Citoequations 4, Citoequations 5,
Advanced citoequations, Advanced citoequations 1, Advanced citoequations 2, Advanced citoequations 3,

Itofazcontinuum concept

An example of two important oricitoequations:

This equation represents the concept that an original with a specific placement of matter will be mentally equal to any cidentireplica that is in a different place and time, made from a different template original, that has any possible placements of matter, switched at any time, as long as the structure and functioning and universal laws stay the same for the original and cidentireplica.

This equation represents the concept that any original(u) will be mentally equal to another cidentireplica(w) in a different place and time, made from a different template original, and that both the original and cidentireplica have any possible arrangements of placements of matter, switched at any time, as long as the structure and functioning and universal laws stay the same for both the original and cidentireplica.

Avenues to Understanding Awaretheory

There are six basic ways of understanding these ideas. They are the story, analogy, lay, diagram, scientific, and mathematical ways of understanding. Each gives a different perspective and way of learning about these ideas. There are advantages to each way of learning and type of understanding. People have different ways of understanding and learning that best suits their personality. See: Eight paths to understanding, Psychexistology and its importance.
There are an extremely large amount of potential consciousness (potential awarepaths) that you will experience when they are produced by the correct structure and functioning of matter (correct physapaths).
The simple concept that ties the original awarepath to that of later awarepaths is identical, approximate, and isomorphic structure and functioning of itobodies existing later in time. If you are the original then you will be experiencing these consciousnesses after death. When these awarepaths are within the same memory boundaries then you will have some of the memories of the previous awarepath. If not you will have no remembrance of the past awarepath (your past life), but you, nonetheless, will be experiencing these future awarepaths as a lives as real as the one that you are experiencing now.

Diagram superlist is a list of diagrams pages that may help in the understanding of some of the ideas in this web site.

Story superlist is a list of fictional stories that may help in the understanding of the concepts presented in awaretheory.

The Science of Conscious Existence ---Psychexistology

Science word poster.jpg
There are laws and principles that deal with conscious existence, life after death, and immortality, just like there are laws and principles that apply to chemistry

Part 1 An Introduction

For a lists of technical terms and phrases, equations, principles, experiments, and diagrams see Lists of Superlists.

Part 2 The Identireplica Theory of Consciousness

The basic premise of the identireplica theory is that identical structure and functioning of an itobody produces identical consciousness and ixperiencitness. The second premise is that there are many closely approximate structures and functioning that will produce the same consciousness and ixperiencitness. The third premise is that there are many somewhat different consciousness that can have the same ixperiencitness. For life after death or immortality you usually need the same or nearly the same ixperiencitness.

Part 3 The Itocontinuum Theory of Consciousness

The Itocontinuum Theory of Consciousness has many different aspects to it. One of the most important concepts is that consciousness ixperiencitness and structure and functioning can be view as continuums that can be mapped to each other. This allows us to know, a least in theory what will be the consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses that will be produced by what structures and functioning. Continuums allows us to use the concepts of approximation and extrapolation in developing new consciousnesses with the same ixperiencitness.

Part 4 The Applications of the Identireplica theory and Awarecontinuum Theory of Consciousness

There are many amazing applications for these theories. They allow us to understand survival, life after death, and immortality scientifically. It gives a theory that predicts when and under what circumstances you will experience consciousness. It give you the scientific information so you can personally influence the possibility your own desired types of immortality. It predicts some bizarre consequences such as multiplicity. Which can have major positive consequences for morals, society, ethics, government and the future of mankind.

Part 5 Mathematical Epistemology

Mathematical Epistemology is a way to deal with complex theories of knowledge mathematically by developing ways of representing knowledge in mathematical representations so they can be organized, synthesized, and interrelated.

The Consciousness and Knowledge Connection

There is no consciousness with out the proper structure and functioning of matter and energy
Knowledge is Consciousness
There is no knowledge with out consciousness

The study of knowledge is the study consciousness. and The study of consciousness is the study knowledge.

Without consciousness there is no knowledge! Without knowledge there is no consciousness. exp1

We know nothing for certain until we know everything.exp2

This web site is under constructions. You are encouraged to comment on the web site or on the ideas that it contains! is the current web site for the Science of Conscious Existence or Psychexistology. Psychexistology [[18]] is not a pseudoscience [[19]]. It is based on a simple scientific idea.
One of the most important question Psychexistology hopes to answer is: Under what conditions will someone experience consciousness[20]? This leads to the questions: What are all the consciousnesses that someone can experience? And, What is the extent of all the consciousness that all conscious beings can experience?
This theory is a naturalistic/ materialistic theory of consciousness based on scientific reductionism. If the theory of conscious multiplicity, or parts of it are true, then it will be the first logical, coherent, scientific theory of life after death and immortality. Because of this possibility the sciences that deal with these topics should be considered seriously.

Purpose and history of the this web site and these ideas

Pages with images

The purpose of this section is to give different ways of looking at some of the ideas presented in awaretheory that are not just all words, definitions, or equations. Sometimes shorts statements with a picture can sometimes help in the understanding of new, different, complex, misunderstood, or forgotten ideas. The ideas in awaretheory can effect many other sciences, beliefs, ideas, And many of the new ideas in science mathematics and technology can effect some of the developing ideas in awaretheory.

Types of pages <------------Pages with Images------------>
Conscious existence Death and Awaretheory Life after death and Awaretheory Immortality and Awaretheory Reincarnation and Awaretheory
Types of Life after Death Itofazcontinuance and Awaretheory Itofazextension and Awaretheory Itofazenhancement and Awaretheory Itofazrepetition and Awaretheory
Itofazhistorality and Awaretheory Itofazfuturality and Awaretheory Itofazquondamality and Awaretheory Itofazprospectality and Awaretheory
Religion beliefs God and Awaretheory Religion and Awaretheory Hell and Awaretheory Heaven and Awaretheory
Non religious beliefs Secularism and Awaretheory Skepticism and Awaretheory Humanism and Awaretheory Secular Humanism and Awaretheory
Supernatural ideas Supernatural concepts and Awaretheory Deja vu and Awaretheory Near Death Experiences and Awaretheory Previous lives and Awaretheory
Emotions Love and Awaretheory Hate and Awaretheory Happiness and Awaretheory Fear and Awaretheory
Other Conscious beings Aliens and Awaretheory Animals and Awaretheory Synthesized Conscious Beings and Awaretheory Simple Materialism and Awaretheory
Possible experiences Fiction and Awaretheory Fantasy and Awaretheory Magic and Awaretheory Science Fiction and Awaretheory
Applications Utopia and Awaretheory Space Travel and Awaretheory Time Travel and Awaretheory Epistemology and Awaretheory
Experimentation Itofazexperiments and Awaretheory Experipaths and Awaretheory Expericontinuums and Awaretheory Experidiscontinuities, Experianomalies and Awaretheory
Science Knowledge and Awaretheory Science and Awaretheory Mathematics and Awaretheory Technology and Awaretheory
Teleportation and Awaretheory Quantum Mechanics and Awaretheory Time and Awaretheory Multiverses and Awaretheory
New concepts Itofazcontinuums and Awaretheory Itofazvenues and Awaretheory Itofazpaths and Awaretheory Itofazmoments and Awaretheory
Itofazmapping and Awaretheory Itofazterrains and Awaretheory Sensespaces and Awaretheory Internaspaces and Awaretheory
Externaspaces and Awaretheory Conscious Enhancement and Awaretheory Memories and Awaretheory Itofazpaducers and Awaretheory
Injurypaths and Awaretheory Diseasepaths and Awaretheory Chemicalpaths and Awaretheory Sensepaths and Awaretheory
Ethics and Morals Free will and Awaretheory Evil, Punishment and Awaretheory Ethics and Awaretheory Morals and Awaretheory
Culture Culture and Awaretheory Existentialism and Awaretheory Religious Tolerance and Awaretheory Belief System Tolerance and Awaretheory
Analogies and Processes VCR analogy Occam's razor Fitoprocess and Awaretheory Caresphere and Awaretheory
Supporting Evidence and Arguments Time travel experiments Assemble Line Argument It's Only a Replica Argument Matter is Magical Argument
Subjective Evidence of Multiplicity Sting Theory and Awaretheory Directed Evolution and Awaretheory Simultaneous Multiplicity of Ixperiencitness
Other wiki page experiments Diagram superlist Constructing sites with images Quantum Entanglement and Awaretheory


There are many analogies for each new concept in awaretheory

Analogies are for producing greater understanding of awaretheory

The story analogy for what we are is a simplified analogy for many of the scientific ideas about conscious existence that are much more complex that awaretheory elaborates on.

Itoanalogies are for the purpose of understanding the different concepts dealing with conscious multiplicity.

Stories, and FAQs

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Stories, and FAQs are for producing greater understanding of Psychexistology, Identireplica theory, Itocontinuum theory, and Itomultiplicity

Frequently asked questions; FAQs

Your many different lives is a group of short stories that gives examples of how the different types of multiplicity, if true, can, does, and will apply to you.

Conscious Multiplicity and the movies Discussions about how movies and shows have dealt with the the ideas of experience machines, identical replicas, and bizarre experiences in general that can imagined and how to create them.

For an increasing list of diagrams about these ideas see Diagram superlist

The pharaoh's afterlife is a application story about immortality from the perspective of the science involved in awaretheory.

Glossary of Experiments, Arguments, Proofs, Principles, Equations, Diagrams, and Terminology developed for Awaretheory

Naming an idea is the first step in understanding an idea
What is the difference between a book worm and a computer bug?

Glossary of new terms is a listing and links to the equations developed to understand and utilize the concepts and principles that are created in awaretheory.

See also: Pronunciation rules for new words used in awaretheory

Glossary of Experiments is an organized list of experiments dealing with the ideas in awaretheory.

Glossary of arguments and proofs is a listing and links to proofs and arguments in support of conscious multiplicity based on the concept of structure and functioning.

Glossary of Principles is a listing and links to the definitions of and use of scientific principles developed in awaretheory.

Glossary of Equations is a listing and links to the equations developed in awaretheory.

Glossary of Diagrams is a listing and links to the Diagrams developed in awaretheory.

Awaretheory blog

The purpose of the awaretheory blog is for the communication and discussion of awaretheory and related ideas. Awaretheory is a scientific theory so all relevant rational discourse is welcomed and encouraged. Useful ideas even if they are counter to (disprove or help disprove) the ideas in awaretheory maybe put into the awaretheory wiki website if the author will allow. Some of awaretheory's ideas are surely wrong or at least incomplete. We are working at developing a science and can use all the help that we can get! Some of major concepts that we will discuss are itofazmultiplicity, ixperiencitness, the moral and social consequences of awaretheory. Questions are always welcome?

This is the blog location click on this: [[21]] to go to the awaretheory blog.

This is the actual address:

If you have emotional feelings about these ideas pro or con we are interested in knowing about them also, especially if you can put your feelings into words. Since awaretheory's ideas might be the most positive set of scientific ideas ever proposed it would be very interesting to find out why people would have a negative view of them. Awaretheory's ideas are not meant to destroy anyones belief system. The ideas of awaretheory besides adding a higher level of scientific understanding to conscious beings reality, also have many practical and technological uses.

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