Assemble Line Argument

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Assemble Line Argument

Ixperiencitness is like other properties produced by matter-- duplicatable
Ixperiencitness is massed produced by many people having and raising children
Assemble Line Argument is that the production of consciousness, ixperiencitness, and itobodies, should follow the concepts of an assemble line. This is because the itobody is a physical thing like any object produced on an assembly line. Things that are produced on an assemble line are produced with the goal of making a certain product as identically as necessary for the purpose that it is being produced for. By using an assemble line products can be made to serve the same functions.

The first step is making a copy of something is determining how it was made, and how you can make it in other simpler and better ways
Having children is not the only way to produce ixperiencitness and consciousness
It seems that the closer that we duplicate a material object to be physically like another physical object the closer it should have the same properties as the first object, this should include consciousness and ixperiencitness being properties of physical bodies. The purpose of an assemble line is to make objects as close to the desired templet object as possible.

It is easier to reproduce the exact same ixperiencitness than to reproduce the exact same consciousness. It is easier to reproduce the exact same consciousness than to produce the exact same structure and functioning and it is easier to reproduce the exact same structure and functioning than to produce the exact same person or itobody. Stated in technical terms: It is easier to reproduce the exact ixpepath than to reproduce the exact same awarepath. It is easier to reproduce the exact same awarepath than to reproduce the exact same physapath and it is easier to reproduce the exact same physapath than to produce the exact same physipath. This is what makes life after death and immortality possible for conscious beings because life after death only requires the the ixperiencitness be closely approximated with other itobodies

DNA with small enough changes in its structure can still produce the same body by producing the same proteins etc.
Clones will not produce or have the same awarepath, physapath or physipath but they might have the same ixpepath

Cars do not have to be made exactly in the same way to function in the desired ways
Nature approximates the replication of plants and animals by the replication of DNA

The same types of computer chips are closely approximated but can not be made identically. They only have to function within certain specifications for limited amount of time
It is easier to reproduce the exact ixperiencitness than to reproduce the exact same consciousness.

It is easier to reproduce the exact same consciousness than to reproduce the exact same structure and functioning
It is easier to reproduce the exact same structure and functioning than to reproduce the exact same person

If properties of matter were not duplicatable there would be no conscious evolution because there would be little if any regularity in the world to have a need for consciousness
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If identical structure and functioning do not produce identical consciousness there could be no consciousness because the brain's functioning is cyclic in many different ways, and if this cycling did not produce the same effects on consciousness for producing
there would be no continuation of the same consciousness
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