Applications of the Identireplica theory and Awarecontinuum Theory of Consciousness

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There are numerous application of psychexistology and the corresponding Identireplica theory and Itocontinuum Theory of Consciousness and Ixperiencitness.

Itocontinuum Theory of Consciousness and Ixperiencitness.

Identireplica Theory of Consciousness and Ixperiencitness.

Identireplica and Itocontinuum Theory of Consciousness and Ixperiencitness

Singular Consequences of S&F theory on consciousness and ixperiencitness

Consequences of conscious and ixperiencit multiplicity

Consequences of conscious multiplicity deals with how the belief in and application of the science of conscious multiplicity can effect people and society.

The applications consequences of the identireplica and awarecontinuum theory depend on the mapping of the ixpecontinuum onto the physicontinuum and awarecontinuum. Basically what this means is that it gives us information as to under what conditions you experience being conscious, now, in the future, and in the past, and what you will experience when these conditions are met.

Awarepaducers, Physipaducers

Awarepaducer is a producer of awarepaths. A human body is an awarepaducer, if it produces consciousness over a period of time. We can imagine many different complex biological and electronic structures alone or in combination that could produce consciousness thus an awarepath. Consequently, there are many potential different awarepaducers that can produce many different awarepaths in many different ways. Not all awarepaducers are limited like the human body to producing reality based awarepaths. This allows for designer awarepaths with the same ixperiencit as the original. So there can be magical awarepaths, for instance, that you the original will experience, such as flying, invisibility etc. when they are produced by a non human awaepaducer.

Physipaducer is the term for physipath producer.

Enhancement, Superawarepaths, Superphysipaths,

Types of enhancement There are a number of types of enhancements that can be made to a person or other conscious being.

Superawarepaths is the term for enhanced awarepaths. When the concept of multiplicity is applied to the concept of enhancement we then have many enhanced versions of you. These versions of you, you will experience whenever they are created.

Superphysipaths is the term for enhanced physipaths. The term superphysipath actually applies to the enhanced body that produces the superawarepath.

Consequences of conscious enhancement Since there are few limits to the types and degrees of enhancements that can be made to physipaths, the consequences of enhancement for you personally and society as a whole are astonishing.

Implications of conscious multiplicity


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